Need a writer? Read this.

You probably already use words for your business.

Unless you’re all in on emojis, symbols and glyphs.

But tell us. Are those words entertaining and engaging your readers?

Do they provoke intrigue? Provide insight?

Perhaps most importantly, do they sell?

We're going to go against the grain and say that rumours of our dwindling attention spans are greatly exaggerated.

Why do we say that?

Because, when content is good, people invest. And they invest long term.

Look at any popular Netflix series or HBO boxed-set. We can’t get enough.

Stories now run across different shows to create massive meta-universes. Virtual easter egg hunting has become a sport. And even when they don’t, we keep those worlds alive through gifs, memes and fan-fiction.

It’s the same with social media. People say it’s time to invest heavily in video or risk becoming irrelevant. We call BS.

Long form, wordy posts still get plenty of attention, even on visual platforms like Insta. It's about knowing your audience. Articles still do OK too, as long as people can relate to the content.

The best part? This stuff boosts your SEO. It sells your personality and influence. It makes other people want to talk to you.

And, it makes them stick around to hear the things you might say next.

We'll say one thing for the attention span narrative. It exists for a reason.

We don’t read things that aren’t written for us. We disengage. We switch off.

And that’s happening all the time right now, because there’s so much noise that's not creating value. It’s everywhere and it’s normally not welcome.

You don’t want to be part of the problem, but you need people to notice you.

We can help you cut through the noise and find a voice that sets your business apart.

We combine imagination and ingrained idealism, to create candid and compelling content that people want to read.

After all, you’re still here.

Aren’t you?

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