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What do ravens and Mondays have in common?

Nowhere near enough. So we decided they should share a collective noun.

An unkindness of ravens, an unkindness of Mondays.

Makes sense.

That said, you probably don’t need reminding that Mondays are bad. You’ve lived through a few of them.

It rarely starts well. The rude awakening, long before you’re ready. The hassle of never having enough time to switch from weekend mode to work mode.

The commute, at its Monday best. With Monday drivers putting the roads to their Monday test. Or, you might get the train. That’s always fun, isn’t it?

But, it’s never all for nothing. Eventually you get to work.

One person might grumble to acknowledge your existence. Coffee goes on, milk goes out.

More grumbling about how the milk rotation system plastered on the fridge is never put into practice. Just imagine if you were that lax about paperwork during candidate on-boarding? Compliance want to have a word with themselves.

Then emails. More emails. A meeting that could have been an email. A collection of emails that should have been a meeting.

New jobs pile up on top of the older ones that you promised yourself, your boss, and your hiring managers you'd get back to with fresh eyes. Right after the weekend.

And you meant it, you take pride in the work you do and want to fill every role you can.

But it does build up, doesn’t it? And those new jobs need attention too. And timing matters, so it doesn't help to wait.

So, you cross your fingers and skim through the weekend’s ad responses. It’s not a lot to ask, you worked hard on those roles. Success in recruitment can be fleeting, you knew this when you started and nothing’s really changed.

Plus, it could all change in a moment. Just one or two hopeful responses and you’re good to go. An accomplished sense and the right to move on. It could set the tone for the entire week.

So you commence with careful optimism. Click. Click. That guy again. Click.

And that’s all it took. Four clicks, and the dream is over.

You’re still swamped, but now you have more candidates to reject, timescales to adjust, and people to inform.

And you have to set priorities between even more roles that each feel as important as the next.

Is it Friday yet?

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