Want to know things? You're in the right place.

I can already write. Why should I hire you?

The same reason someone with access to a phone and email still hires a recruiter.

If your writing is already doing the best possible job of selling your business, why are you here?

What happens if we work together?

First, we'll talk about what you want to achieve. If we can help, we'll give you a quote and once you've given us the nod, we'll take a detailed written brief. That's how we learn enough about your business to resonate with your ideal customers.

For bigger projects like websites, we'll send you a sample of the work, usually a preview of the homepage. This ensures that you're happy with the tone of the writing and scope of our understanding.

Once approved, we'll get to work on the whole thing, keeping you updated along the way. We do everything in google docs so you can comment and collaborate in real time.

Our retained services or smaller projects like job ads or blogs might look slightly different (just ask).

Our brand guidelines are tight. Is this for us?

Most businesses could use a critical eye on writing. At the very least, we'll do that bit for free.

Despite what some people think, you don't have to use banter, swearing, sarcasm, or overly casual language to stand out. It's about writing with the reader in mind.

With your help, we can do that in a tone of voice that's appropriate for you.

We can answer other questions, too.

If you want to know anything else, just ask.