Copywriting consultancy

Where do you even find a recruitment copywriter?

You're thinking about hiring a copywriter, but you're not sure where to start.

They need to be skilled, cost-effective, and creative. Able to constantly generate new ideas, while tuning into the mood of your market. Their work needs to demonstrate a level of sensitivity, to avoid needless faux pas or poor PR. That means being able to read the room and respond with emotional intelligence.

Your copywriter will require training and management, which is tricky because their work is worlds away from what the rest of your business does. And as this is uncharted territory, you can't be certain your investment will pay off. Plus, how many copywriters actually understand the world of recruitment?

So why not engage several recruitment copywriters for the price of only one? We don't need training or close management because managing project work is what we do. Our contracts are fully flexible and open ended, so you can assess the value as we go.

We’ll work on your copywriting projects on request. Supporting your sales, operations, marketing, and development teams - or anyone else who needs us.

Bespoke pricing for what you need, based on our day rate of £450 +VAT.

Is your copywriting a bit bland?

Let's add some flavour.