Web Copywriting

A long winded analogy about writing websites.

You don’t normally give much thought to shop windows. 

Maybe a glance as you’re rushing through a high street, but there are no accidents when it comes to dressing these up.

It’s both a science and an art, with each one carefully presented to grab attention, build curiosity, and boost sales.

Because shops have always needed people through their doors, and the window is what draws them in. Displaying things they want in an enticing way.

So while brick and mortar shops exist, window dressing matters. But since the internet took over, you probably don’t have a window to dress.

Still, every business needs people through those virtual doors.

You’ve heard the one about your website being like your shop window. Haven’t you?

Website copywriting

Based on a day rate of £450 (average 3-5 days)

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