Who doesn't love feedback?

When we're not writing ads or making memes - we might be receiving comments that look a bit like this...

  • Can you make it more positive?
  • What does that mean?
  • Ok... I trust you.

But all jokes aside, we're massively privileged to work with some of the smartest and nicest people in the recruitment business (and beyond).

Here are just a few things people say about working with us.

Marc Powell at Techire:

Hire Write Talent have been a great help in building the Techire brand and engagement on LinkedIn. Kiera and Sarah have been helping me out with content including memes, engaging posts and articles.


First month stats include: Reactions up 1539% An 86% increase in followers Website clicks up 133%. Unique visitors up by 117%.


Alongside managing the Techire page, they’ve given me support and guidance. I'm looking forward to continuing to work with them.

Jason Howlin at Saragossa:

We’ve been working with the guys at Hire Write for the past six months during a transition period between our two marketing executives. From the get-go, they provided us with great content that improved our brand, and we noticed a clear increase in followers and engagement. We’re talking multiple hundreds of percentage of engagement!


Because Kiera, Sarah and Tim all have recruitment backgrounds, they’re better than any other marketing agency out there when it comes to understanding what you need. This has saved us loads of time, as there’s been no need to explain everything bit by bit – they don’t need to be spoon-fed as they just ‘get’ how recruitment works.


They don’t just copy and paste news articles, but actually build a story behind them. A unique part about them is that they always tried to fit to our ‘bespoke’ value. They’ve helped us make a great thing out of our ‘Puzzle Thursday’, which has been an idea Jimmy (one of our founders and directors) has had since the start.


The only reason we’re not working with them right now is because we’re growing an internal marketing team. Hire Write will always be the first people we get in touch with when the internal team needs help!

Mitch Sullivan (the half-faced godfather of good recruitment advertising):

Every time I ask Hire Write Talent to write a job advert, I know I’m going to get something that is both creative and hard-working. They understand that the primary purpose of a job ad is to encourage the potential candidate to want to keep reading till the end.

We love new friends.

So call us. To find out how you can get the Hire Write treatment.