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A tale of two job ads...

(Why recruitment copywriting matters)

Exciting opportunity.

Our dynamic client are looking for a passionate and enthusiastic person to join their award winning, global recruitment consultancy.

The ideal candidate works well individually and also as part of a team.

They are looking for a good communicator with sales and negotiation skills. The right person will be money motivated and ambitious.

This is an exciting opportunity to join a company that offers industry leading OTE, holidays, training, and performance based rewards.

Email careers@thisreadsjustlikeeveryotherjob.co.uk to find out more.

Some people live to work.

Others work to live. And that's ok.

Differences in outlook and opinion should be celebrated.

But whatever side of the live/work fence you sit - here's something you have in common. You want to do great work and be rewarded fairly for it.

Rewards come in many forms. There's the satisfaction of a job well done. Recognition, from a peer, manager or mentor. And of course, there are material rewards.

Most of us quite like nice things.

There aren't many careers which can offer big rewards without asking for much in return, but recruitment can.

Work for a recruitment agency who'll help you meet your highest potential.

They care about your development and spend good money on your training because they know that if their people thrive, so will their business.

Rewards are tailored to your individual wants and needs, and you'll be treated like an adult in a flexible and trusting environment. You'll be part of a team who enjoy each other's company and care about their work.

And the best part? You'll become a better recruiter.

If you're sick of sitting on the fence with your recruitment advertising, email help@hirewritetalent.com

Did you notice? They're the same job.

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