The diary of an off-beat jobseeker.

I’d like to talk about an interesting time for me.

In case you didn’t catch my recent story, I’ll recap. In May, I was made redundant. The next day, I launched Hire Write Talent with Sarah Potter and Tim Wood.

Now, obviously we didn’t dream up the business and build the site in a few hours. We were going to do it anyway. This just seemed like good timing, and I’m rarely one to pass up an opportunity.

As it happens, losing your job is a decent way to drive engagement on LinkedIn. Over 90,000 people saw that post, and Hire Write got off to a roaring start.

But, I had other priorities. Hire Write was designed to be a side-hustle, so I also needed to find a job. Crucially, I felt I had to find an employer who was comfortable with my online persona (because that person is also me), as well as my situation running Hire Write.

The job boards didn’t seem to hold the answer, and I didn’t have a lot of time to spend exploring wrong avenues. So, I took a pass on most of the ‘exciting opportunities’ on there.

Most people would call this strategy risky, and I have to agree. It felt risky.

But, I weighed up my options, and decided the personal cost of being hired into the wrong environment was greater.

The thing is, finding the right environment is hard.

Good culture in business is usually something you can spot. They're the companies you tend to like instinctively, even if you're not sure why.

You get to know their people, because they’re not afraid to be themselves online. You hear it in the language they use. They’re honest. They care.

And, if you're lucky, you'll see it in their actions. Like a willingness to be creative and agile in their approach to hiring.

Whatever industry they’re in, they’re actively working to make it better.

These companies are rare. The likelihood is, if you're not looking out for them, they'll pass you by.

So, for this job search, I decided to make that my criteria. Does the company align with my mindset?

I have to say, I had a great time. Got to meet with some incredible business leaders, and for the first time in years actually enjoyed being interviewed. Mainly because these felt like meaningful two way conversations.

I've now been offered a job, and I couldn't be happier. It's flexible, interesting and challenging. I get to use my creative energy for good - recruitment strategy and skills development in the tech sector.

Also, their recruitment process was so hot, it could make Brigette blush.

The funny thing is, this opportunity only came about because I posted here about losing my job. Someone saw it. They showed someone else.

And, I start Monday.

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