Social media works.
A case study.

May 20th, 2019 - history started (for us).

We set up the Linkedin page for Hire Write Talent, and so began our plan to win the hearts and minds of recruiters.

We think it worked out well, so far. You’re here after all.

Some fun stats at the time of writing (June 25th):

  • Over 1300 followers (And we didn’t request any of them. Not even one. Not even our family. If you want to know why, ask Sarah.) 
  • 310k post impressions
  • 5.6% engagement rate
  • Over 300 clicks to our website, leading to inbound sales leads from all over the world.


Look at our pricing structures below to find out: 

Per platform - but hopefully LinkedIn.

Roadman Poohbear
We make original content and spread it out across the week in an agreed style and tone. 

We'll respond to comments and messages in a consistent, authentic voice. 

You'll get our ongoing advice and support. 

Suave Poohbear
All of the roadman package, plus:

We'll update your social pages to fit your new strategy - including graphics and copywriting.  

You'll have a social push on promotions and changes to business. 

You'll engage with relevant news and insights. 

We'll write you an extra two original articles per month. 

Formal Poohbear
All of the suave package, plus:

You get another two original articles (one every week, plus a free one for five week months.) 

We'll rewrite any website copy on request and update your blog monthly.

We'll run campaigns and digital marketing mailers, for staff and clients. To keep all your important people engaged. 

Why is this right for you?

You're a visionary who sees potential in a strategy that won't deliver immediate ROI. No one should expect quick wins in social.

A consistent approach to social media will be rewarded with engagement, and that means your business will attract genuine interest from like-minded people.

Meaningful relationships take time to build. But, they make it up in lifetime value. And, they don't treat you like a necessary evil, which makes your job a whole lot nicer, too.

Ready to do this?

Let's make it happen.