Social media is weird, isn’t it?

Some people hate it and others love it. Some seem a bit ‘too’ into it (unfollow). 

Used badly, it can ruin reputations and livelihoods. But used well, it can create superstars.

One thing most people agree on these days, is it can’t be ignored. Especially if you’re running a business.

Now obviously, that’s up to you. Ignore it if you want. Or do the bare minimum. You’re your own business with your own mind.

‘Sales and Marketing’ will still happen. And there are other ways to sell your business - traditional tried and tested ways. Stuff like cold calling, virtual mailing lists and brand advertising. 

How’s that worked for you historically? Have the results justified the costs?

So what’s different about marketing through social media? 

If you’re effective, you get in front of like minded customers, and stay there.

Your company develops a voice and potential customers get to know that voice. Over time, they become interested in what you might say next. 

Can you see how this is a far cry from spam filters and hassled people asking to be removed from mailing lists?

Now is a good time to mention, what we’re doing and saying here isn’t new. You won’t find many recruitment businesses not on social - especially LinkedIn.

So what are we offering that’s different?

The truth is, anyone can run a social media account. These days, babies are practically born with an iPad in hand. It’s a brave new world.

But knowing the functions (how to post, react, reply, etc.) is one thing. Running the account in a way that will effectively sell your business is something quite different.

Seems obvious, right? Knowing how to kick a football is different from playing in the premier league. And look - we’re not pretending to be “premiership social media-ers”. If we were, we’d be working for Innocent Drinks and our pricing would be steeper.

But we know a thing or two about driving positive engagement on LinkedIn posts. We’ve been doing it for a while now, for ourselves and for our lovely clients. 

Who are HWT, anyway?

Hire Write Talent is run by two LinkedIn-ers: Sarah Potter and Kiera Tsenti

Though we're good friends in real life, when we’re speaking through our personal accounts, we’re different people with different styles. But we have something very important in common.

We’re unwilling to be anyone other than “ourselves”.

Why does this matter?

  1. We’re consistent. People get to know who we are, because we’re not trying to be anyone else.
  2. We’re bold. Sometimes, we push the boundaries of what’s considered “professional”. For some, this acts as a filter. That’s not why they’re here, and that’s fair enough (unfollow). But others think that’s refreshing - and that’s who we’re here for. We’re not trying to please everyone because we know that’s impossible.
  3. We’re funny. At least, we think we are. We make ourselves laugh and if someone else laughs too, that’s a bonus. We have a rule that when it stops being fun, we change it up.

By combining those traits with our unique voices, styles and talents - we realised could create something special. Something people looked forward to seeing on their feed. 

We’re happy our page “sparks joy” for some. But more importantly, it drives leads and engagement to our business.

Over the past year, including through COVID, we built up a client list in double figures without spending any money or doing any outbound BD. The introverts (that’s both of us) rejoiced.

And that’s not even the best bit. That happens when we get to deliver this for someone else.

When our clients give us the freedom to be bold and creative with their LinkedIn page, we see similar results for them. Follower counts rising significantly, direct positive feedback from potential candidates and clients, and credibility from onlookers who see a business with “a bit of something about them”.

We like to think we know LinkedIn quite well. But it still manages to surprise us sometimes.

For example, we didn’t know there were so many active Geotechnical engineers on the site until we started running this "gneiss" account:

How can Hire Write Talent make LinkedIn start working for you?

Look at our pricing structures below to find out: 

Per platform - but hopefully LinkedIn.

Roadman Poohbear


We make original content and spread it out across the week in an agreed style and tone. 

We'll respond to comments and messages in a consistent, authentic voice. 

You'll get our ongoing advice and support. 

Suave Poohbear


All of the roadman package, plus:

We'll update your social pages to fit your new strategy - including copywriting.  

We write posts to engage with relevant news and insights. 

You get an extra two articles per month which can be exchanged for ads or other copy if more useful.

Formal Poohbear


All of the suave package, plus:

We'll rewrite any website copy on request and update your blog monthly.

We write campaigns and digital marketing mailers, for staff and clients. To keep all your important people engaged. 

Why is this right for you?

You're a visionary who sees potential in a strategy that won't deliver immediate ROI. No one should expect quick wins in social.

A consistent approach to social media will be rewarded with engagement, and that means your business will attract genuine interest from like-minded people.

Meaningful relationships take time to build. But, they make it up in lifetime value. And when you build stronger relationships, your job gets nicer too.

Want your social stuff to sell who you are?