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We’ve got an exciting offer for someone to buy our recruitment copywriting services.

The ideal customer will be motivated and enthusiastic, with a keen interest in better recruitment copywriting.

This is an excellent opportunity to get us to advertise your jobs. Other benefits include our time, attention and advice.

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Did that work? Are you our customer now?

Didn’t think so.

Recruitment advertising is a mess. We know it. And you know it. But you’re smart, because you want to do something about it.

Creative job ads are our thing.

We like to play around with prose and see possibilities on every page. We spent a lot of time alone as kids.

Let us write your ads.

We’ll take work away from you, and free you up to do what you do best. Work roles. While we make your ads start working for you.

You won’t find us stuffing keywords into templates, re-purposing JDs or using empty filler words.

What we do, is craft compelling copy that sells.

You’ll stand out.

In a sea of mundane and meaningless ads, you’ll be different. You’ll be real.

But more importantly, your ads will start talking to candidates. Really talking to them.

You’ll appeal to their needs and desires and realise what talent attraction could be.

You’ll start attracting people who didn’t even know they were looking.

That’s recruitment advertising.


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