Marketing mailers

Who cares about staff engagement?

Your staff do.

But actually, so do you.

Because engaged people are productive people. And when you realise the very real impact poor staff engagement has on your bottom line, you'll want to do something about it fast.

But the odd email, or reward once in a blue moon when they do something great won't cut the mustard. People aren't silly, they'll see through it.

You have to commit.

Don't have time? We get it. And we've got your back, with a comprehensive plan to keep your people both engaged and informed.

We can devise a plan that suits your needs, but here's how it could look:

  • Monday - Current affairs. A roundup of the news that matters right now. So you don't have to sift through the noise.
  • Tuesday - Generosity and spirit. All over the world, exceptional people are doing exceptional things. We'll help you spread the word and feel a bit better about humanity while doing it.
  • Wednesday - Food tips. You’re stuck in, money’s tight and it’s harder to buy the things you want. You'll get a weekly update of recipes and tips to help your staff make the best of a limited situation. Because if we can’t enjoy nice food and feel good about it - what can we do?
  • Thursday - Health and wellbeing. A compilation of the best fitness resources, wellbeing activities (i.e. meditation, yoga, desk stretches), etc. Designed to keep your people mentally and physically “fit”.
  • Friday - Happy news. A compilation of the most uplifting news stories we could find - to set your people up right for the weekend.

The full whack:

  • Mailers sent daily to engage.
  • Or pick any combination from above.

Let us keep your people engaged.