Is your writing shit? Try AIDA.

Is your writing shit? Try AIDA.

What is AIDA and why does it matter?

For those already in the know, you’ll see I’ve used the first bit in my title.


Because you want your target audience to notice you. You can’t appeal to everyone, so why waste time trying?

In my case, I don’t want Trevor from Accounts who says “LinkedIn isn’t Facebook” and wants everyone to “be more professional” reading my stuff. He represents people who aren’t interested in changing.  

I want to engage people with a sense of humour. So I project that into my work.

Authors like Seth Godin and Dave Trott tell us there are three people to consider in marketing:

·   People who will buy your stuff.

·   People who won’t.

·   People who might change.

So scare the second group off, they’re time-wasters anyway. Target the third group as they’re your best opportunity for growth, and welcome the first with open arms.

In short, focus on the ideal “buyer” for whatever it is you’re selling.

Once you’ve got their attention, it’s time to focus on the next bit of AIDA.


If you’re still reading, hopefully, I’ve piqued yours. Or you’re using this as material for your counter blog.

It doesn’t matter, as now there’s a two-way exchange. You’re reading my words and they’re providing something for you, either information, reassurance or fodder to pad out your argument.

You could leave the next part to chance and fill it with something arbitrary, but don’t expect that to win anyone’s interest, particularly not the person you’re trying to target. 

To be effective, you need to put yourself into the mind of your ideal reader. Engage your empathy and deliver the goods.

When you can do that, you’ll find the goods are coming back to you.

Whether you measure them with money, likes or the feeling of a job well done.

Which leads me nicely to the third part.


Desire is fundamental to any sales copy. If you don’t offer things your reader actually wants, you’ll end up wasting their time. 

In the words of Steven Pressfield “No one wants to read your shit”.

And he’s right. You have to earn your reader’s time and make it worth their while. That means you need to know who they are and what they want, and you need to move with the times as they do.

Once you’ve conjured up that desire and cut through the noise so they hear it, it’s time for you to direct them to the close.


Writing a good advert is fine, but if everyone agrees it’s the nicest advert they’ve ever read but no one buys your stuff, all you’ve achieved is a creative masturbatory waste of time.

The advert might look pretty, but it’s still not fulfilling its only objective.

Are your job ads not working for you?

Stop acting like you’re doing people a favour simply by having a vacancy.

Want to do better but don’t know where to start?

“Click Sarah’s name at the bottom of this page and send us a message.”

All writing is sales. At least, it is if you’re doing it right. 

Want to see AIDA in action? Go back two paragraphs.

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